What are MDR & DAC6?
DAC6 came into force on 1 July 2020, obliging intermediaries with connections to EU member states to review and report a massive number of cross-border arrangements and transactions. The timeline for reporting is intense, with reports due within 30 days from the date that a reportable transaction is executed.
What is DAC6zoom?
DAC6ZOOM is an online platform that specifically targets intermediaries such as tax advisors, law firms, fiduciaries, audit/accounting firms, banks, or taxpayers themselves – anyone involved in cross-border tax arrangements who is liable for the accurate and timely fulfillment of their DAC6 reporting obligations.
Why us?
Why us?
Why use DAC6zoom?
DAC6ZOOM is an intuitive online platform that saves a huge amount of time and effort by guiding you to answer only the necessary questions and then generating a comprehensive XML that can be uploaded manually on the official portal of the designated jurisdiction. DAC6ZOOM can also be deployed on-premise.


Our pricing model is based on the number of reportable arrangements and facilitates reporting obligations irrespective of the number of intermediaries.

Flexible Packages including UNLIMITED package, both Cloud and On-Premise!


  • Your tailor-made DAC6 knowledge base. An in-depth explanation of each question. Delivering clear examples as well as valuable EU and local information that guide you to choose the right hallmark
  • Uses your previous responses to enable only the questions you need to answer
  • Expertly manages everything from Data Collection & Assessment to XML Reporting
  • Allows you to complete your Tax Arrangement in 10 minutes
  • Generates and exports the XML of the Tax Arrangement
  • Modifies an existing Tax Arrangement and regenerates the XML
  • Allows you to access your portal from anywhere in the world
  • Charges only for the Tax Arrangements for which you plan to generate an XML
  • Permits upload of documents related to the Tax Arrangement

FAQs - DAC6zoom

1. How does DAC6Zoom protect your data security?

In today’s world, your data security and privacy are absolutely crucial. That’s why we ensure security standards are second-to-none.

As a DAC6Zoom user, you’re getting a product that not only adheres to the highest cyber security standards but also works with a technology company that is amongst the first in the region to be ISO27001 certified.


2. Why do we need DAC6Zoom if we have no reportable cross-border arrangements to disclose?

It’s frequently assumed that firms with no reportable arrangements to be disclosed and those who are not involved in cross-border transactions are not affected by the mandatory disclosure rules and penalties of the DAC6.

Unfortunately, this is simply not true: many countries have broadened the scope of their DAC6 compliance rules to include domestic arrangements in their mandatory disclosure regime.

Additionally, though DAC6 legislation requires the disclosure of reportable information, it also demands that organizations emplace a structured reporting process in order to avoid inconsistency and inaccuracy in reporting.